jan 27  
i would like someone to start an investigation of my case.

i'd like to know when my stock was taken, when it was sold.

i'd like to know what the state did before they took my stock.

id like to know what their stated reaons or justifications were or are for selling my stock

id like to know what they did to try to contact me after they took my stock to inform me that they took it

i'd like to know what they did to inform me that they would be selling my stock before they sold it -one reason this is important is because i believe it is possible someone might not have seen the other communication from the state or they might not have acted on it. but if they knew their stock was going to be sold it might motivate them to contact the state faster.

i'd like people to be interviewed, on video, and asked how they feel about the state taking my stock and selling it. and how they feel about me still not having my money back.

i'd like to see people be asked what they think could be done to prevent this from happening again

i'd like to see people be asked how much they trust the state when it says their motivation is to safeguard people's property, and how much they suspect the states primary motivation is actually to use the unclaimed property laws as a source of revenue.

7:50 AM - I would also like to know what their stated reasons/justifications are for not sending money back to people by wire and only using checks.

and I would like to know why they don't give people interest on their money.

i would suggest that the law be changed so the state pays a much higher interest rate on other people's money which was what i would call involuntarily loaned to them.

and i would suggest the state pays at least as much in educating the public about the UP laws, including school children, as they spend on paying consulting fees to firms like Kelmar Associates - see below and "Dear Claimant" email



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