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Personal Note from Paul about Dominic - Intro to restorative circles - Freedom of speech, "fight rooms"

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Personal Note from Paul about Dominic

I met Dominic in 2016 while I was doing writing, research and volunteer work in Brazil. Even with his very busy and active schedule, he somehow found time to help me in the middle of a very low period in my life. I feel very appreciative of him for this. I felt cared about, empathized with, understood, heard, seen, respected, taken seriously, valued.

I had seen some videos of Dominic a few years earlier. I was impressed by the work he was doing with something he calls "Restorative Circles." I became more impressed by him as I became more familiar with him and his work.

My interactions with him were mostly related to the topic of something called "Non-Violent Communication" or NVC. I will describe this as large social experiment and ongoing research project focussed on the prevention of violence in all forms, and the promotion of acceptance, inclusion, caring, empathy, compassion, cooperation, respect, and understanding. Dominic uses the principles of NVC in his work with Restorative Circles.

From what I know, Dominic has never charged for his work. Instead he lives only by donations, which he even shares with those who are in financial need. He has even developed something he calls the "money pile" which he uses to move money around in a collaborative way to those who need it. I was fascinated and inspired by seeing this process.

I am usually a very skeptical person but since I first saw a video of Dominic, I have never had a suspicious or skeptical feeling about him, nor have I questioned his integrity. Meeting him in person and spending time with him has only increased my admiration and respect for him.

There are few living people, and even fewer, who I have met personally, that I can say I really feel inspired by and admiration for. Dominic is one of them.

I believe he is a world class individual and a liviing legend. He has already worked in several countries and I expect his influence will continue to spread


Português - Dominic - Dominic Barter Curso Básico Comunicação Não-Violenta (CNV) Curitiba maio/2013 - Palestra sobre Justiça Restaurativa com Dominic Barter